Who is behind Smart Aviation?

Ben Touhami, the inventor and founder of Smart Aviation, has more than 25 years of experience in the world of air travel. He has held various luggage sorting and lost & found positions at Aviapartner and Swissport. In total, he has spent 20 years in management positions in various handling operations. This means that he understands every facet of airport life, the check-in process and lost & found. He was also the managing director of his own courier and transport company for many years, which is when he came up with the idea of the remote check-in. It remained just an idea until the time was right to develop it and the necessary technology was available. With the rise of smartphones and other technological developments, the idea took shape and it was possible to effectively put it into practice. Ben Touhami could count on his large network and the reliable contacts he had built up through the years with various airports and airlines.

Why was Smart Aviation created?

Smart Aviation offers a win-win situation for passengers, airports and airlines. Passengers can enjoy comfortable, stress-free travel while we deal with the entire luggage check-in process, at their home or at another location. This means they don’t have to make their way to the airport with heavy luggage. Instead, they can just go directly to the gate or the duty-free shops. Because they avoid the long queues at check-in at the airport, they reduce their travel time by 1.5 hours. Smart Aviation monitors their luggage throughout the entire process. This means that we always know where the luggage is and we can intervene quickly if we see that the luggage has not been loaded onto the airplane. In this way, we minimize the chance of luggage getting lost at the departure airport. The check-in process at the passenger’s home or another location also offers a major advantage for airports. They can process the luggage that has already been checked in and collected during the night, enabling them to spread their workload and reduce their costs. What is more, passengers have more free time, which they might choose to spend in the airport’s duty-free shops. Finally, Smart Aviation’s services contribute to everyone’s safety. Fewer people checking in or collecting their luggage at the airport makes it easier for people to proceed through the airport.

Ben Touhami