Smooth transfer to your home or hotel

Do you want to go home or to your hotel without any hassle after landing? No problem: we will look after your luggage! 

  • Travel without luggage from and to the airport
  • Travel easily with public transport
  • Secure service through baggage screening
  • Follow your luggage with Track and Trace
  • Ideal for unconventional luggage



Our Drop & Fly Arrival from the first to the last step


Book our luggage service online at least 48 hours before departure by entering your details and paying for the service. 
You can also choose the time window within which your luggage is delivered.

What if you are not arriving in Belgium?
Unfortunately you cannot yet use Drop & Fly Arrival in that case.

Take your luggage off the conveyor after landing.


Report to the Aviapartner/Securitas Baggage Services desk. (opposite conveyor 7)

A staff member will accompany you through Customs, take your luggage, affix an address card and take it to a special storage area.


Dynasure (a subsidiary of bpost) will deliver your luggage to your home or hotel within the chosen time window.



We wish you a warm welcome in Belgium!

Do you have any questions? Contact us