Smart Aviation for Business travellers

As a businessperson, you have a tight schedule and Smart Aviation completely understands that.
That is why we take care of your luggage:
so that you can concentrate on your work or take an extra moment to relax.


Smart Aviation for Holidaymakers

You are going on holiday to slow down and escape the pressures of everyday life for a while.
So why not travel stress-free?
With Smart Aviation taking care of your luggage, you can get into the holiday mood straight away!
You can travel to the airport in comfort, enjoy the duty-free shops and devote all your attention to your children, partner or yourself.


Smart Aviation for Travellers with a lot of luggage

Are you moving abroad (temporarily or permanently),
going on safari or travelling around the world?

These are just a few situations in which you might have more luggage than usual.
But that doesn’t mean you have to carry everything yourself or wait for ages at check-in.
We will take care of your luggage.



Smart Aviation for Travellers with unconventional luggage

From golf sets to musical instruments, snowboards to bikes, children’s high chairs to buggies.
Whatever you want to take with you, we ensure that your luggage arrives at your destination in good order.
Luggage you still need before you go to the airport (such as a buggy) can be labelled by the driver when the rest of the luggage is collected.
Then all you need to do at the airport is drop it off at the gate or a drop-off point.
We advise you to consult your airline’s website so that you know exactly what luggage is permitted.
This is something that the airline decides, and it will depend on your destination and the class you are flying in.
If you have any questions about transportation, please contact Smart Aviation.